What We Do

Specializing in wealth building for the forgotten ones…

I Coach.

Our brand specializes in showing individuals how to build themselves personally, mentally, spiritually, and financially.

I Speak.

Ross speaks and has spoken across several platforms from Los Angeles to Wall Street, about his unique wealth building strategies.

I Write.

Ross is in the process of writing his first book about his transformation into the investment world.

Need advice?

We consult in the areas of Personal Rebuilding (Credit and Financial Literacy), Building and Leveraging Business Credit, Real Estate Investments(Multi-Family and Mortgage Notes), Asset Protection, Business Branding…..etc. 

E-Books & Courses

We offer consulting services for individuals and small business owners looking to advance from their current situation. 


“ My experience with speaking and receiving guidance from ROSStheinvestor has changed my direction for me personally and my business.  ”

Christine Walters

My story

Ross has established extensive experience with private capital investors in a myriad of industry sectors spotlighting negotiations, acquisitions, dispositions and renovation of residential and multi-family properties. He manages acquisition due diligence, property evaluations, inspections, appraisals, and implements all property maintenance and rehabilitation programs.

Under the tutelage of some of the most skilled minds in Real Estate, Ross is confirmed to be an exceptional talent in multiple facets of the industry. Founder and president of AKP Consulting Group, where he focuses on investors relations, capital management, and asset acquisition.

Ross has had immense success in raising and leveraging private capital as well as business credit capital, while building strong bank and asset management relationships.